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Golf Tours, St Andrews: Everything you need to know about

June 12th, 2020

Golf Tours, St Andrews: Everything you need to know about

Tournaments offer a thrill to every participant and amplify the importance of every short in a competition. Golf Tours in St Andrews connect the unconnected professional golf tournaments and organise them into a regular schedule. Based on specific geographic locations, there are separate varieties of golf tours for both men and women.
A well-arranged golf tournament can transform the experience at your club. It is found that about 57% of the millenarian golfer says that events are an important part of their experience in golf. Whereas, 83% of the millenarian golfers say that they signify golf for its competitive attributes. Hence, it is clear that a golf tour is important for long-term success in the golf industry.

H M Taxis provide a full-service golf accommodation in St Andrews that caters specifically to the sport of golf and provides access to a golf course.

Structure of the golf tour

PGA (Professional Golfers Association) or an independent tour organisation runs more than twenty professional golf tours. Most of the notable tours are conducted by the player-controlled organisation whose target is to increase the income of their member by maximising prize money. Some of the best golf tours are tournament-based and are held almost every week throughout the year.
Each tour has participants who have earned tour cards and are entitled to play in most of the tour events. Even the ones contesting as non-member can become the member either by succeeding in a tournament named Qualifying School or by achieving a designed level of success in the tournaments.

Brief history

In the early days of professional golf, each professional tournament was organised by individual golf clubs, commercial golf sponsors, or other organisations. With the increase in the numbers of tournaments, experts started concentrating mainly on playing in tournaments. When a good number of tournaments were being played in a region every year, these developed into a “tour”. This golf tour was supervised by a single authority. Individual tournaments, on the other hand, also continued to run simultaneously by separate bodies in many places.

Tournaments are essential at many golf courses. Golf tournaments form a major part of the golfer’s experience. And booking a golf tour in St Andrews is made simple with H M Taxis. Make sure you drop a call to organise a bespoke golf tour.